We at KCL understand that companys’ evolve and grow every moment, new products new variation and fresh Ideas. Just for this we are fully equipped. Ours Customer does not need to take any hassle, just come to us and we will do everything.
A wide range of specialized machines and highly experienced staff of Mold maker and maintainers is at disposal of our each and every client, all types of molds are made and maintained routine wise in our own facility so that the supplies to the customer are un-interrupted.

Special Purpes Machines (EDM)

Computer Numerical Machine (CNC)

Work Shop & Product Design & Development

KCL do have a product development department managed by Product Design &Development Manager which is supported by a complete workshop for trouble shooting. Controlled by a staffing of 09 people who are also involved in the repairs and maintenances.
The workshop consists of

  • 1. Lathe machines ( 5 machines) 4 of 4.5 feet and 1 of 6 feet.
  • 2. Milling Machines with DRO (conventional) 2 machines – status – standard.
  • 3. Drilling Machines – 2 nos. ( Medium and Large)
  • 4. Shaper Machine -01 no.
  • 5. Electric Discharge Machine (EDM) 01no.(40 AMP)
  • 6. Lagun Computer Numerical Control Machine (CNC) 01 no (control Centroide – USA) .Bed size X= 680mm Y=310mm Z=145mm
  • 7. John’s Shipman Surface Grinder Machine .X=24” Y=10” Z=8”
  • 8. Pedestal Tool Grinder.
  • 9. Tool Cutter Grinder Machine.
  • 10. Power Saw Machine.